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We are unique from every other support site out there.

Our technicians ALL have been  (and still are) on SPACIAL SVS Team and Team SAM.  We have been answering questions on the forums for 8 years.

So we took our knowledge and expanded it to allow us to help you out with specific issues.  How you can get help setting up SAM / Install mySQL / fixing issues / designing PAL scripts .. just about anything you could need for SAM.

Keep your station up & on the air and humming.

Need to install the PHP website with requests?  We can do it.

Need to rebuild the pointers in your mySQL DataBase, as it crashed?  We can do it.

Need to move SAM to a VPS or new PC?  We can do it.

Just about anything you need to do with SAM, we are right there for you.



If you have gotten support from Spacial, you know that they are more expensive than us and the turn-around time is much longer.  If you need it and you need it right away, we are here for you.

We aren't just some programmer from eLance, we are professionals that know SAM inside and out.  Our team has written many, many PAL scripts that are on the Spacial Forums. 

Each technical has a minimum of 6 years experience with SAM / PAL scripts.